About Me

My name is Chevelle and art has always been a part of my life.  I am a self-taught artist from the island of Hawaii.  I've tried many mediums. from painting and art projects growing up through school and learning charcoal in college, I am versatile being able to work on paper and computer.  I find drawing a way to release pent up energies--I love the feel and sound of pencils scribbling on fresh paper!  I believe that art is a way to see into the mind; it's a kind of representation of who a person is intellectually, mentally and physically--I believe that anyone can draw.

The Peckish Moon by Lisa Falzon

My biggest inspiration is Lisa Falzon; a few years ago I stumbled across her artwork on the internet and fell in love with her digital collage technique.  A technique that combines photo, textures and digital painting that creates surreal and beautiful pieces of work.

"Desu" is taken from the Japanese language.  It is used similarly to "it is" or "to be".  It is Chevelle, I am Chevelle; no catches, no gimmicks and no lies.  Just me.


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