Resident Evil 7 Demo

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So the RE7 demo was recently released and I was very excited to try it out and probably be too scared and give up!  I am proud to say that while I may not have explored the entire demo, I did complete the one task given to you.  Half my video is me going, "what was that?!" and my 4 yr old reminding me that this is fake and I should get moving.

I grew up in love with Resident Evil, my mom played 1 and 2 when it came out and I was 6yrs old.  I never played 1 and 2 but love every aspect of them.  With the change of the camera angles and more action I was able to play 5 & 6 and I even slowly crept my way through 0 with the help of a spoiler free walkthrough.

This game creeped me out in the middle of the morning, but I'm pretty easy to creep out in video games.  I am looking forward to the release!
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