A Plan of Attack

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So I am officially over being pink.

For those who don't know, the top half of my hair is colored, the rest is all it's natural super dark brown.  I've got about an inch of roots and faded pink, what to do?

I'm going full head blue!  Currently headed to the store to get:

L'oreal Hair Color Remover

This is the first remover I used since I first dyed my hair and I never had trouble with it.  I've tried Wella Remover which didn't work and Color Oops which turned my pink hair blue.

Salon Care Blue Bleach Powder

This is the regular Sally's brand, I have bottles of peroxide already on hand.  My hair is really long so I plan on getting 3 packets.  The blue cools your hair so it doesn't do that stupid bronzing too much.

Manic Panic/Jerome Russel Color

Depending on what's in stock, I do live in Hawaii in the middle of the ocean.

I have purple shampoo for toning but I may get a boxed blonde dye for a second softer bleaching.  Wish me luck :)
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