A Post About Hair

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Something that I don't often talk about, especially lately where I have barely posted.  Anything.  Anyways. this is about my hair.  Yes, hair.

On and off I've dyed my hair, this time I was determined to really make a statement.  A couple months ago I was standing in Walgreens pretending to look at hair dye, in reality I checking out one of the workers there who was absolutely cute!

I spotted this box of Splat Hair dye and that was it.  I dyed some of my hair starting a trend at work.

Since then I've Googled and Youtube'd various colors, techniques, care guide and how to's for hair dyeing.

So I was first Aqua Blue/Green, then hot pink, Sandy Blonde and Platinum Blonde and now I am a light violet.

I meant to go lavender I think this purple is to blue and needs more red, we'll see how that goes.

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