Beautiful Creatures

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Many fans of the book series Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl have been ecstatic of the books transition to the big screen.  Having never read the book myself I must honestly say that I'm not one of those fans.  I did however find the concept of being claimed by light or dark very intriguing and therefore decided to enter the DeviantART contest.

The goal of the contest was depict the lead character Lena as a light or dark caster.  I chose to depict an inner battle of light and dark.  From the brief summary I read (yes on wikipedia) I saw that she did have a romantic interest and those can only make a battle of light and dark much harder (Star Wars for example).

In many books and real life love is a power that is both wonderful and terrible, people fighting for the ones they love end up tearing others away from the ones they love.  So I found it very hard to choose whether she would be light or dark, so it turned into depicting both.  Light and dark are two sides of the same coin and it's a small battle we all fight every day.

While I did not win, and I seen there were some pretty sour losers, I am very happy with my entry.  I can see where I have improved and where I need improvement.  I honestly don't care for the grand prize winner because I found it a little confusing and the birds kind of threw me off (but it looked like they at least read the book haha).  I especially don't care for the description of Lena being the girl "wearing chucks".  Seriously?  Chucks are cool but becoming a cliche on girls.

My favorite entry was this one

Dark Lena- Inner Light Outer Darkness by ~Liol on deviantART. It seemed to really portray true emotion and the pain inner turmoil would cause Lena.

Anyways I'm just happy to create something that I was really happy with and congratulations to the winners and for the losers, well there's a reason you lost.
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