Digital Mixed Media is the Life for Me

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A Face made of Faces
Digital collage and airbrush, mixed media, photomanipulation...

The technique used in the piece on the left has been called different things by different artist.  Each category has their own definition but in the end we still get what they're talking about.

So I shall call it digital mixed media!  Since mixed media is the use of different visual mediums (i.e. photo and paint collage), but this is done on the computer using stock photos and digital painting or airbrushing, so digital mixed media makes sense to me.

I also imagine that other artists may think this to be unoriginal and practically stealing, but just think of it like recycling--taking bits of old stuff to make something new.  We even have permission to do so using stock images and giving credit where credit is due.

But as I said before, just my imagination.

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