I really want to be able to do commissions but I often feel that my work is inconsistent and rushed.  As a result of this self-conscious realization I've been sketching every day in hopes of improvement.  But I'm guessing that practice can't replace patience haha.  I'm very happy with this work but what to do with that hair?!!

When it comes to art I suppose practice doesn't make perfect but breeds routine, technique, style and hopefully--confidence.

I took his scribbly map doodle and replicated it faithfully!

So the RE7 demo was recently released and I was very excited to try it out and probably be too scared and give up!  I am proud to say that while I may not have explored the entire demo, I did complete the one task given to you.  Half my video is me going, "what was that?!" and my 4 yr old reminding me that this is fake and I should get moving.

I grew up in love with Resident Evil, my mom played 1 and 2 when it came out and I was 6yrs old.  I never played 1 and 2 but love every aspect of them.  With the change of the camera angles and more action I was able to play 5 & 6 and I even slowly crept my way through 0 with the help of a spoiler free walkthrough.

This game creeped me out in the middle of the morning, but I'm pretty easy to creep out in video games.  I am looking forward to the release!

"Look! A blibbering humdinger!" - Luna Lovegood

So I bought a Ugee tablet monitor, a decent and inexpensive alternative to the Wacom Cintiq which is a thing of dreams on my budget.  I have many a ways to go when it comes to bringing my digital paintings to life.  I've learned that I have trouble with color, I'm more accustomed to sketching in black and white.  I can feel some progress in this sketch and every sketch I do...

Created this for a friend of my mothers.  I have no formal training in Illustrator, but I am gladly going through trial and error to get the hang of it.

I drew this caricature of a friend of mine for his youtube gaming channel.  It took many drafts and rough sketches and then many more color and re-color but I am very happy with the final result!
Click here to check out the channel!
So I've managed to wrap up a small side project, but it is ongoing so it's nice to have something to do relevant to my skills.  I've been working with a special guy named Jim and his friends to create a Let's Play channel featuring ALL of us, and some dogs :)

So here is our banners and I'm so happy to have helped edit one of the first released videos.  We're just a group of people who love video games, dogs, making fun of them and having fun!  So please, check it out.

Until Dawn Part. 1 - Until Dawn is a great game, and I had lots of fun editing this video.

And here is the process of one of our heads

Gocco for screen printing

Making the master screen

Using my homemade bookpress to glue the textblock to the cover

Completed product!

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